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This price list reflects the price for the year 2009. For all those people that wonder about the prices, the Prices on the fans and gourd rattles, and sculptures goes up by 10 percent per year. All prices will go up in January 2008! Prices may change due to the overhead cost of different items. On the items I have on hand, they are all very limited, so when the artist send a picture of what is on hand, you have limited time to respond, once they are gone, they are gone!



A Basic Chief's or Roadman's Set includes a staff (single piece (bow style), or 4 piece set), and a gourd rattle.













Consider the fact that these fans take up to 45 plus hours of work to complete a fan that has 11 tails in it, which does not include the time to find the tails, and pairing them up! You have to consider the amount of time it takes to collect the feathers and matching up pairs of feathers to make a fan. Once the fans has perfect set, all paired up, then they have to be washed, steamed, preened, and flatted to get them ready for the fan. Then extender are put on the feather and the layout work to starts. The designing of the feather work & beadwork take lots of time, since most of these are custom made. The designs are acquired through meditation and consultation with the person ordering the fan. The artist has to consult with the owner, gather infomation about how the fan is going to be made, for what purpose the fan is going to be put together, then and only then does the labor work start. The labor takes over 45 hours to put the whole fan together. Also, consider the cost of the material. Lastly, consider the quality, these are extremely detailed, and extremely high quality feather fans and beadwork! The work you see speaks for itself.


Prices vary due to how rare the feathers are, and due to the demand for them. At times, some of these feathers are very hard to get, so time maybe a big factor in getting some of these feathers. It also takes a lots of time, and many feathers to make perfect matches for flat fans Will take orders on Macaws, impeyans, turkeys, etc. NO MIGRATORY BIRD!


If you provide, or send your own feathers, the price is $60.00 per feather. Multiply the number of feathers in the fan by $60.00. For example, if there are 12 feathers that you want in a fan, 12 feathers X $60.00 = $720.00. The price will include the washing, steaming, preening, beaded handle, thread work, feather work, and putting the whole fan together. All fans are one of a kind, worked to perfection, and designed with style and elegance.

If the artist provides the feathers, the prices are listed below. These prices below are for finished feather fans, ready to be use or displayed.



11 tails fan plus a gourd rattle    $ 1400.00

9 tails fan plus a gourd rattle      $ 1200.00

7 tails fan plus a gourd rattle      $ 980.00

5 tails fan plus a gourd rattle      $ 750.00


For FLAT FANS, with Scarlet Macaws, Harliquins Macaws, Buffon Macaws, Canine Macaws, Catalina Macaws, Capricalies, and other hard to get feathers. $120.00 per feather

11 tails fan -            $ 1320.00

9 tails fan -             $ 1080.00

7 tails fan -             $ 840.00

5 tails fan -             $ 600.00


For FLAT FANS, with Blue and Gold Macaws, Green Winged Macaws, Pheasants, Turkeys, Impeyan, etc. $110.00 per feather.

11 tails -                $ 1210.00

9 tails -                  $ 990.00

7 tails -                  $ 770.00

5 tails -                  $ 550.00


For MIXED DROP FANS, a mixture of all different kind of feathers, $115 per feather.

15 tails -                 $ 1725.00

20 tails -                $ 2300.00

30 tails -                $ 3450.00

60 tails -                $ 6900.00


When placing orders, please do specify what kind of fan you are interested in. LOOSE FLAT FAN , STIFF FLAT FAN (Pow-wow or Dancing Style fans, or peyote fan), ROUND DROP FAN, SIDE DROP FANS, OR FLOP DROP FAN. Go to Learn About Fan section to see photos. On the colors and design, it is best to leave up to the artist, but if you have special requests, the artist will work with you closely to get what you want. If you have special purposes for putting the fan together, please do tell the artist about it. The designing and coloring will be based on that.



These gourd rattles are used in the Gourd Dancing, Peyote Ceremonies, devotions, and different ceremonies among Native American. The price of the gourd rattles are usually consistent, but sometimes varies according to the uniqueness of the gourd rattle. Very hard and dense wood are the best wood to use for the handles, so the artist suggests the diamond wood (laminated wood), and snakewood to be the best choice. It improve the sound, and prolongs the wearing on the stem of the gourd rattle. Also, the rocks used inside the gourd rattle are very hard, and don’t shatter, and don’t wear much, so it will make the gourd rattle last a long time. The gourd shell can be replaced if it breaks, please contact the the artist when that happens. If you want handed carve handles, the price will depend on the amount of hours putted into it.

A. Gourd Rattle with fully bead handle $ 550.00

Diamond wood, Ebony wood, purple heart, Cocobola wood, etc.

A. Gourd Rattle with ~3.5” to 4" of beadwork $ 300.00

B. Gourd Rattle with ~ 2” - 3.4" of beadwork $ 275.00

C. Gourd Rattle with NO beadwork $ 165.00


For Snakewood and Pink Ivory Handle Gourd Rattles

A. Gourd Rattle with ~3.50” to 4" of beadwork $ 330.00

B. Gourd Rattle with ~ 2” to 3.4" of beadwork $ 305.00

C. Gourd Rattle with NO beadwork $ 200.00



The hides are cut to fit mostly size seven drums, if you have a bigger drum, that will be a special order, and may take a while longer to get, and will cost an extra $10. The hide are cut at approximately 15 inches in diameter.

Grade A, even thickness all the way around - $60 per hide

Grade B, NOT even thickness - $50 per hide




Corn Pollen Pouch - $ 50.00

Cedar Pouch - $ 60.00




All handles are done by the artist! These handles are turned on lathe, very fine finish, and very high quality. These are for people that want to make there own gourd rattles. The finish on these handles are excellent. If you want custom work done, please let me know how you want it done. If you want handles with no beadwork, or spaces cut for beadwork, please do specify.





The artist recommends the snakewood to be the finest drumstick available. Also, the diamond wood drumstick are of the best quality. These woods are both very dense, hard, and are very solid, and excellent for water drums. Snakewood comes in different grade, Grade A is the highest colored, and most dense. Grade B has some color and a little less dense than A. Grade C has no color, it is just pure light brown color, and very light. All different grade are very good, it just depending on the kind of hide you want to use the drumstick on.

Stick are as follows, from left to right, Grade A Snakewood, Second and Third are Grade B Snakewood, Fourth is a Gabon Ebony, Fifth and sixth are both Diamond woods.

Snakewood Drumstick - all drumstick are turn on a lathe, and well balanced.

Grade A - $ 60.00 per stick

Grade B - $ 50.00 per stick

Grade C - $ 45.00 per stick

Diamond wood, ebony made into drumsticks.

Drumsticks - $35 per stick



These are ID holders, they are beaded with size 15 beads, with 1 1/2 to 1 5/8 of and inch of beadwork. The full length of the lanyard is 20.5 inches long.

$25.00 each



- These are magnet, size 2”x 3.5”, of all the latest fans that are made by the artist. Each fan is unique, so each fan is put on magnets so you can see the latest collections, and design ideas. All magnets are smear resistant, fade resistant, and water proof - $5.00 each



ALL BEADED with size 11 beads, peyote stitch and gourd stitch

Keychain with horse tails $30.00 each

Key chains with tin fringe $30.00 each


PAYMENT ACCEPTED - cash, personal check (must clear through the bank before items are sent), money orders, PAYPAL (use email address to transfer funds) and travelers checks, monthly payment plans to suit you.

SHIPPING AND HANDLING - All shipping, handling, insurance cost are the customers responsibility. Please do specify if you want insurance or not.

Email me with any of your questions,


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